Richard Kalal in his office headshot

Business has always been my calling. Before I became an attorney, I worked for years in the business sector, and I loved the challenge of each new role I took on. To my surprise, one of the challenges I enjoyed most was learning about the legal side of the industry.

You see, our team had several business attorneys we would call upon for advisement, and I could never seem to get enough out of my conversations with them. Rather than just discussing whatever concern brought them to our office that day, I would ask elaborate questions about business laws and best practices. I was fascinated by the work they did, and I began to wonder whether it would be worth the investment to attend law school myself. After very little deliberation, I decided to take the plunge.

During law school, I had the opportunity to be in a small business legal clinic, which allowed me to work directly with business clients under the supervision of a practicing attorney. I had been really enjoying law school up to this point, but it wasn’t until this experience that I was 100% sure I had made the right decision in choosing to become a lawyer. I had found my calling in business years before, but it was at this point that I found my true passion.

In my experience, the best professional relationships begin with a fundamentally fair agreement. That’s what I fight to establish for my own business and

for my clients.

A Counselor to the Core

After becoming a full-fledged attorney, I was called upon to step in and help out a family business. Although this venture slowed down my legal practice for a bit, it gave me a renewed appreciation for all the work that goes into every aspect of running a business. This is a lesson I carry with me each and every day in my work.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a manager, a vice president, a president, a CEO, and a business counselor. With each role I’ve played, I’ve learned invaluable lessons — some the easy way, and some the hard way. My instinct has never been to keep this information from other businesspeople because, in truth, I prefer to base my professional relationships off of a mutually beneficial, fundamentally fair agreement. That’s why, I think, I was meant to be not just an attorney, but a counselor, too.

Experience Matters

Everything I do in my practice is about protecting my clients’ legacies. When it comes to protecting yours, experience really does matter. As a businessman myself, I truly appreciate how hard you’ve worked for everything you have. And as a bonus, I’m extremely knowledgeable about the ever-changing business world, as well as the laws and best practices encompassed within it.

To give you an idea of the extent of my services, here is a list of some of the significant agreements that I’ve drafted and/or negotiated on behalf of my clients over the years:

  • Collegiate Licensing Agreement 
  • Works for Hire Agreement
  • Subordination of Landlord’s Lien
  • Truck Lease Agreement
  • Equipment Lease Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Consignment Agreements
  • Sales Representative Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Warranty Language
  • Building Lease Agreements
  • IT Consulting Agreements
  • Customer Agreements
  • Source Code Escrow Agreements
  • Bailment Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Bylaws
  • Asset Based Lending Agreement
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Employee Policies and Procedures
  • Restructuring Agreements
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • Acquisition Agreements
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Vendor Agreements (international and domestic)
  • Voluntary Surrender of Collateral Agreement
  • Reduction of Personal Guarantees to Asset-based Lender

In addition, here’s a list of some significant transactions I’ve overseen:

  • Purchase and Sale of Corporate Headquarters
  • Purchase of Domestic Mfg. Concern
  • Secured Asset-Based Credit Facility
  • Spin-out of three divisions of $50+ Million-dollar company into 3 Separate Entities (extensive involvement by outside counsel)
  • Negotiated multi-million-dollar real estate transaction
  • Assisted in setting up new businesses, obtaining financing,  developing policies and procedures, negotiating leases, securing I.P., and negotiating vendor and customer agreements
  • Negotiated business succession plan and buy/sell agreement
  • Counseled high net worth client in establishing an integrated estate/business succession plan

Even if your particular circumstances aren’t outlined above, please don’t hesitate to give my office a call. I’m happy to answer questions and, whenever possible, help businesses flourish.

Bar Admissions

  • Ohio Supreme Court, 2006
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, 2006


  • Juris Doctor, University of Akron School of Law, 2005 
  • B.S.B.A. (Marketing), University of Akron, 1999

Professional Associations & Membership

  • Akron Bar Association
  • Ohio Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Business Experience

  • Polytuf Brands, Inc., President/General Counsel, 2007-2014
  • Schott International, Inc., VP Operations, 2000-2007

Volunteer Experience

  • Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Clinic at the University of Akron
  • V.A.L.I.D. Clinic
  • Community Legal Aid