The passing of a loved one can be one of the most difficult life events a person will experience, not just because of the loss, but because of the multitude of tasks that need to be addressed immediately following the loss. Some decedents will have a plan in place, have discussed their wishes with family members and prepared their last will and testament, but others will not. From notifying family and friends and caring for the deceased’s children and/or pets, to transportation and funeral arrangements it can be an overwhelming time regardless of the decedent’s state of affairs.

As an Ohio probate lawyer I help loved ones navigate the probate and estate administration process. From marshalling and inventorying the decedent’s estate, to the final accounting and distribution of assets, I can help you avoid the many pitfalls of probating and administering an estate. My services are tailored to the needs of the estate and executor, so that I can assist the executor in faithfully, effectively and timely executing the wishes of the decedent.

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Whether you pass intestate(without a will) or testate(with a will) determines how the probate court addresses your affairs. While it is usually preferable to have your wishes and legacy addressed prior to your passing, Ohio’s probate laws do attempt to provide a fair handling of intestate estates. However, these laws can lead to less that desirable outcomes. I will assist your loved ones regardless of your whether you had a will or not and work to achieve the outcome you wanted.

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Discussing your loved one’s passing is difficult and emotional. Compounding that is the general apprehension of the probate process. As a probate and estate administration attorney I can help you navigate the complex probate process in a compassionate, efficient and timely manner.