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Richard Kalal, Esq.

Attorney At Law

I went to school in Akron, and I established my practice in Fairlawn. Ohio is my home, and I’ve made it my mission to guide the individuals and business owners of my community through their legal concerns.

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Practice Areas

You're working to build a legacy. My mission is to help protect it.

Counsel You Can Count On

Lawyer, Advocate, and Guide

Whether you’re a young professional pushing to establish a startup or a veteran owner looking to create a succession plan, know that I’m on your side. I’ve been through the nonlegal side of running a business, and I went to law school so that I could do even more. Let that knowledge guide you.

Over 25 years of business experience

Take it from me — in the business world, there’s no substitute for experience. That being said, you can learn a heck of a lot from those who’ve been in the industry longer than you have. When you work with me, think of my experience as your asset.

Available when you need me

Running your own business isn’t exactly an 8 to 5 job. Crises arise at all hours of the day and night and well into the weekend. Not to worry — when you work, I work. Call me with your questions no matter the day or time.

“Every choice you make today affects your business down the road. No matter the legal obstacles that arise, I’ll never let you lose sight of the big picture.”

We understand your business' legal needs

Some clients need help getting started, some have run into an unexpected legal dispute, and others have been hit with the realization that their business may fall to the wayside if they don’t make a succession plan. At every stage, I offer guidance and support.

Business Formation

“Sole proprietorship,” “LLC,” “cooperative,” “corporation,” “partnership,” “S corporation” — these terms refer to business entity types, and it’s important that you understand what each one entails before making your selection. Many of my clients’ legal concerns stem from their younger selves guessing at which type they should choose rather than consulting with a legal professional. Don’t make that same mistake. You can save yourself many future headaches simply by asking for help.

Contracts, Negotiations, and Disputes

Each decision you make has the potential to impact your business later on. That’s why it’s vital to elicit the help of a seasoned legal professional. Before you sign any contracts, before you take part in negotiations, before you enter into any new agreements — consult with your attorney.

Business Succession Planning

Succession planning is one aspect of running a business that many owners fail to consider until they’re much older. Really, though, it’s an important piece of the puzzle. There’s nothing more disheartening than the thought of putting in all that work now just to have your business disappear after you’re gone. You’re building a legacy. Make sure you’re taking steps to protect it, too.

You've been working hard to build your legacy.
Let's keep it moving forward.

Estate planning for Individuals, Families and Businesses.

I'm here to guide you through every step of the process.

Contemplating end of life decisions is never easy, but as your advisor I work to make these conversations as easy and efficient as possible. My client’s place their trust in me to guide them in establishing their estate plan and I do not take that trust lightly. Through a detailed questionaire and indepth interview procees we will establish a strong framework for your plan that takes all of your goals and objectives into consideration. 

Individual and Family Estate Planning

As an Ohio estate planning lawyer, I help clients preserve their lives' work, through the use of wills, living wills, trusts, financial powers of attorneys, and health care powers of attorneys. Whether you are single, married, a business owner or otherwise, proper estate planning is essential to provide for your care, end of life decisions, and to protect and pass on your legacy. Together we will answer questions such as who will take care of your children, how your legacy is to be distributed, how you wish to be cared for if you cannot care for yourself, and many others. 

Business Estate Planning

Business estate planning, often referred to as succession planning, is a critical component of an individual's estate plan. Not only does it encompass how your business is to be handled at the time of passing or incapacity but also transitions such as retirement. Through my combined hands on experience with succession and estate planning we will maximize the effectiveness of your business and personal plans.


End of life events are never easy for loved ones. Not only will they be grieving the loss, someone will have to manage your estate and deal with issues from finding important papers to acting as executor of your will. With my experience in probate matters, I can help your loved ones navigate the probate court system to make the experience as quick and as painless as possible.